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Centrifugal Gas Compressors

10 years experience in Quality Management and Control in newbuilding of Centrifugal Gas Compressors to API 617 and client specifications

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

8 Years experience in Quality Management and Control in Design, Manufacturing and Testing of Heat Exchangers and other static equipment to ASME Section VIII div 1 and 2 and client specifications, made of carbon steel, austenitic steels and non-ferro metals, such as titanium and nickel alloys

Steam and heating boilers

7 Years  experience in Quality Management and Control in Design, Manufacturing and Testing of Steam and Heating Boilers to ASME Sections I and IV

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BosQman is specialized in quality assurance and control of metal products such as:

  • Machined products
  • Assembly of metal parts
  • Welding ofmetals
  • Assembly of equipment such as gas turbines, compressors, skids with mechanical, electical and control equipment fitted
Is there a smarter way the work can be done?
Workmethods are quite often developed simply by doing the work. A periodic review of your work methods and work instructions by an external party can help you to simplify the work to develop tools who can ease your work.
Is there a more effective way the work can be done?

Having a broader and a more distant view on your processes, especially by an external party, can result in a more efficient way of working. 

Is there a way to get Trained and qualified Personell?

Especially at present, getting trained and qualified personnel is a true challenge. That brings the solution closer to prepare an inhouse training and qualifiction program.

Is there a way we can assure our quality?

A logic proces and motivated personnel together with a quality program gives the highest assurance that your company delivers high quality.

Is there somebody who can help us to Realize our plans?

On all these challenges there is always a solution. Sooner or later, you will find this solution. But the sooner the solution is found, the more profit it will gain.
BosQman can assist you with their knowledge both on preperation of quality (both QA and QC), training or qualification programs in order to  incorporate the solution of your questions soonest

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