Your export activities are growing and you want to extend your business.

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Your export activates are growing and you want to extend your business.

Besides the commercial aspect, a lot of countries do require by law that your company and/or your product is certified or accredited to the local requirements.

Sometimes a complete system has to be set up, sometimes certification of parts have to be ensured, or your company will be subject to an audit, each certification/accreditation scheme has its own requirements.

For example USA, Canada, European Community, Brazil, Eurasian Customs Union (Russia, Kazakstan, Belarus), Australia, do have there own requirements for certification of equipment to be imported or for accredition of your organisation.

BosQman does have a wide network and can be of great assistance in helping you to get your products certified and/or accredition of your organisation in the correct way. Our services can vary between advising you which staps has to be taken, to organizing the complete process 


Quality Management in complying with legal requirements

When exporting your equipment, it has often to comply with local legal requirements, such as CE, EAC, ASME, CSA, UL, NR-13 and ML. Complying with such legal requirements requires a good understanding with the certifying authorities, a detailed knowledge or the requirements and agreement how these requirements are incorporated in your product.

The challenge with these requirements is that they are subject to revisions. The route to be followed today, is superseded tomorrow.

BosQman has a wide network and can assist you in the development and implementation of a quality program to adhere these legal requirements

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