“Quality with a smile”

Questions you may ask yourselves

Can we trust the company we want to hire?

A question easy asked, but difficult to answered by us.
But you can obtain information from companies where we have provided our services before. The speed of receiving a reply to your questions is also a good indicator of the quality of your  service provider

What is the level of knowledge of the company you want to hire?

You can test this by asking some technical questions and see how detailed their the reply is.

Is the company you want to hire expensive?

Not only the unit rate is important but als the time spent on the job. Or when you have a lumpsum agreement, the quality of the deliverables. It is recommended to agree a detailed scope of work  to be carried out. Whether this is on paper or verbally agreed depends on the level of trust you have in your service provider

How do I know that we get the results of the work on time

It is disappointing to learn at the end that the work cannot be satisfactory finished. A periodic review, bi-weekly or monthly about the progress of the work prevent such surprises

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