No time to sit back.
Clients must be served, goods have to be delivered.

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No time to sit back, clients must be served, goods have to be delivered. Always in a hurry.

To be honest we can’t do miracles, but we can organize.

To be honest we can’t do miracles, but we can organize and our goal is to do it as eager as possible.
A number of processes in your company can give a much higher efficiency than they do. That results in a lot of frustration from the personell involved.

When you are driving home – after a long day at work – and evaluate the past day, you might have a feeling like ‘’we did it again’’, but at what cost and effort.

You want to maintain your yearly growth, keep satisfied customers, maintain the level of enthousiasm of the team. Accordingly it is wise to organize it more efficient.

But not for tomorrow, because clients must be served, goods have to be delivered.

Here’s where we come in

Bosqman can help you to organise the quality aspects of your ideas.
With our experience and our hands-on mentality we can help with a fresh view to your organisation and optimize your processes or develop new processes.

When needed, we can also organize and implement the quality processes by actually carrying out the work ourselves.


You have more time to lean back and think about the future, develop and improve the quality of your product. Develop ideas for new products or product optimisation.

We will set up a system to ensure that quality aspects of your ideas are taken care of. 

By the time the processes are up and running, we shake hands and say good bye.

Related Services

Quality Management in projects

Projects are characterized as delivery a system which comprises products of a number of manufacturers which are built together. Quite often, a number of engineering styles are involved, such as process, mechanical, electrical and control engineering.

For the incorporation of the client requirements a project management plan has to be developed, which describes the lines of communication, document approval cycles, special requirements and so on, both with the client and with suppliers and sub-contractors.

BosQman has a wide experience with quality management in projects.

Quality Management at construction sites

When your products have to be installed and/or commissioned at site, a management system is one of the key factors to make the project a success. Project meetings have to be followed up, inspections have to carried out on time with the proper personnel, and so on.

BosQman has experience in site quality management.

Refreshing your quality system

Someday, sometime you discover that your quality system is lacking. The daily operation continues, but there is minimal attention to procedures, work instructions, safety, or to the dynamic parts of your system.

BosQman can assist you to refresh your quality management system.

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